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Hamamatsu Castle


   Sunrise at Nakatajima Dunes
*Hamamatsu Sightseeing
Information Center
   Tel: 053-452-1634

*Map:Inside of Center
    Sightseeing spots

Please confirm, whether or not, the recent change in the closed days and the charge beforehand

*Hamamatsu Castle(浜松城) 

*Hamamatsu Museum of
 Musical Instruments(楽器博物館)
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*Act-Observation Gallery(展望回廊)
*Official WebSite(inJapanese) 
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*Hamamatsu Science Museum(科学館)

*Hamamatsu Art Museum(美術館)

*Hamamatsu Festival Pavilion
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*Nakatajima Dunes(中田島砂丘)
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*Hamamatsu History Musium
  (浜松市博物館)   *AccessMap

*Saigagake Museum(犀ケ崖)



*Air Park(エアーパーク)
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*Kanzanji Hot Spring(舘山寺)

*Hamanako Flower Park(フラワーパーク)
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*Hamamatsu Zoo(動物園)

*Kanzanji Ropeway(ロープウエイ)

*Hamanako Pal Pal(パルパル)

*Hamamatsu Music Box Musium

*Hamanako Garden Park(ガーデンパーク)

*Bentenjima Hot Spring(弁天島)

*Hamamatsu Fruit Park(フルーツパーク)

*Ryotanji Temple(龍潭寺)

*Hokoji Temple(方広寺) 

*Ryugashido Caves(竜ケ岩洞)

*industrial Tourism in Hamamatsu
  Unagi Pie Factory
  Suzuki Plaza
  Takayanagi Memorial Hall etc.




Group's Main Activities
 Experience of flying a kite & Taking a souvenir picture
            in front of big kites
 Guide at Hamamatsu Castle
  // Castle WebSite(Jpn)
  // Hamamatsu Castle(Eng)
  Guide at Saigagae Museum

  Sightseeing Information
 at Hamamatsu Station

/// *Hamamatsu Sightseeing
Information Center

  Guide at Hamamatsu
  Festival Pavilion

 // Festival Pavilion WebSite(Jap)

Offering Volunteer Sightseeing Guide

As an assistant of you who will visit to Hamamatsu or want to know Hamamatsu well, members of our volunteer guide group will guide sightseeing, cultures and history of Hamamatsu. Please, FAX(053-456-1303) to us your request (including Your Name, Date & Time, Where to meet and to visit, Number of Persons, Language for explanation, Your Fax & Telephone number etc), when you want to have our guides. (Free, as a general rule, except our actual expenses like tranportation)


Hamamatsu Festival
MAY 3~5  EveryYear

Kite-flying experience & Photo 

  The mascot character [Successful-Daimyo:Ieyasu-kun]
   for the memory of Hamamatsu municipal organization
           for 100th anniversary

The Ieyasu Tokugawa built Hamamatsu Castle and accomplished to rule over the whole country after having stayed in the castle for 17 years. Just called as the most successful Daimyo(feudal lord). Now, he was reborn again and came to Hamamatsu city in order to make it the most cheerful town at just the time of 100th aniversary. He like to come down in the castle town and have a lively time of playing merrily, and have brought big hope in the future of Hamamatsu and always support dreams of citizen's town.
   Local specialtiesFood-wise
Hamamatsu is most famous for Eel (Unagi)from Lake Hamana etc., and Many Unagi (うなぎ) restaurants can be found all over the city. Hamamatsu has Japan's second-highest per-capita sales of Gyouzaぎょうざ). Also, many Gyouza restaurants can be found in the city.

Prized locally-produced seasonal produce items include
Orange(mikan), Melon, Persimmon, White Onion and Strawberry.

  --Hamamatsu Gyouza(浜松餃子)--

Gyouza is"Japanese crescent-shaped dumpling filled with a minced stuffing and steamed, boiled or fried".

The first peculiarity of Hamamatsu Dumpling is to affix
boild bean sprout. Every specialized Gyouza restaurants(shops) did improvement repeatedly to satisfy appetite of Hamamatsu residents and therefore, Gyouza became a peculiar tasting to each shop.

In Hamamatsu, there are about 80 shops specialised for Gyouza, and in addition, many chinese restaurants serve Gyouza,also.

 Hamamatsu-city Naka-ku
In Hamamatsu Castle
TEL & FAX:053-456-1303
Hamamatsu Volunteer Sightseeing Guide Group are groups of the people who guide the sightseeing of Hamamatsu such as the history, the culture and industry etc. with heartful mind.
Hamamatsu Volunteer Sightseeing Guide Group was established in 1999 by the first chairman Mr.Noboru Furuhashi and other members. A first training lecture cource was opened in the next year, and many persons attended to it.

Total a little over a hundred members are registered at 2017.

Now, we are carrying out to guide at Hamamatsu Castle, Saigagake Museum and JR Hamamatsu station everyday, and at Hamamatsu Festival Pavilion for Sunday etc.

A kite-flying experience corner at Hamamatsu festival days in May was entrusted to us from City in 2001 and we carry it out every year afterward.

As one of the big event, our members attended to site of "Pacific Flora 2004 at Hamana-ko Lake" every day during it's period and did guide about Sightseeing near site to many visitors.

We always strive to cooperate to City events etc. and also carry out our planning events.

   Talking with the Mayor
Hamamatsu Volunteer Sightseeing Guide Group had a meeting (chat! Yaramaika) for exchange of opinions with the mayor (Mr.Suzuki) of Hamamatsu City. We attended with a uniform "happi" coat and asked him to utilize us more and more for developing sightseeing at Hamamatsu.

 Supporting Activities
      for Foreigners

*Hamamatsu Foundation for
International Communications
and Exchanges (HICE)

  Tel: 053-458-2170

*Hamamatsu Sightseeing
Information Center
   Tel: 053-452-1634

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Hamamatsu Pedal
Let's enjoy Hamamatsu with a rental bike departing from downtown!
 The whole view of

Ieyasu (one of the most famous person in Japanese History) established the Edo Period Rule (1603-1863). He was born in 1572, and spent 17 years at Hamamatsu Castle, from the age of 29 to 45. During this time many famous battles took place. Althogh Ieyasu's 17-year stay at Hamamatsu endures for many difficult years, it did commence 300 years of glorious Tokugawa history.
Hamamatsu Castle Park
Most Parts of Refferd and Linked Materials and Maps are from [Hamamatsu City Handbook] etc.

      Sightseeing Guide Map of Central Hamamatsu

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