Request for Volunteer Sightseeing Guide (Temporary Template)

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  Telephone(電話)        ← Important, for Urgent matter

  Fax(ファックス)         ← Important, in case of Mailing trouble.

  E-Mail Address(Eメールアドレス) 
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  Date for Guide(ガイド日) Year-  Month-   Day-   Day of the Week(曜日) 

     (Time, Where to meet and to visit, Number of persons, Nationality, Language for explanation etc.)
                   (時刻、時間、集合場所、目的場所、人数 など)

   Please, send this mail more than ten days before date for guide.

   Because the contents of this mail doesn't remain at you, we will recommend you copying it.

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   after receiving your this mail.

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